Destination Destiny

Destiny is taken by those unafraid. Destiny is taken by those who recognize definitive moments.

Kingdom Talk, Co-Host Vantashia Shontale leads the Team Hosts in the EXCLUSIVE Post-Workshop Coverage.

March 12, 2017: Annette Rivers unveiled her Destination Destiny Workshop in Troy, NJ, and her Kingdom Talk Co-Hosts came out to support and provide coverage of the event. Destination Destiny is the workshop inspired by Annette’s new book, “Destiny Driven: The Leader Locked Within” (which is available on Amazon and premiered as a Top #100 read for Mentoring & Coaching out of 139,885). So, ideally in the workshop she covered multiple resources and tips to assist her audience with progressing in their mindsets.
Kingdom Talk recapped many of the tools and resources in case you weren’t there. The excitement level from the Destination Destiny Workshop was still contagious on the set, as Vantashia, Brittney, Will and Ant continued to pick up and drop some of Annette’s jewels and unpack them from other perspectives. Be sure that you tap into the resources and watch the video here.

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