Annette Rivers

Annette Rivers - CEO and Executive Producer of Kingdom Talk

Annette Rivers is a successful, business professional and an innovative trend setter. She displays creative business development and business training solutions for corporations, their administrative staff, and corporate heads. Annette Rivers brings her insights from the business sector, as well as, ministry business solutions to aid the individual in his/her personal conquests.
Annette serves as the visionary and founder of The SURGE Experience, a national movement assigned to Annette and a talented team of gifted, and motivated leaders who travel nationally setting up workshops, seminars and conferences on business, religion, and other potent community matters. She is also the host of Kingdom Talk, a show created with the purpose of addressing issues from a Kingdom perspective.
Mrs. Rivers is the Chief Executive Officer of AR Management National, headquartered in New York. AR Management offers business services assisting small-businesses and corporate services specifically for Fortune 500 companies.
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