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Will Grant

Team Host Will Grant is a man of few words, but those words are powerful and meaningful. He looks at most situations from a tactical stand point, observing all the angles before entering a situation or conversation. Serious most times but can find humor in most situations, his conversations are never boring.

Anthony Patton

Anthony is a Team Host of Kingdom Talk. Depending on the topic of discussion will depend on his demeanor; he is good at changing gears and often provides a change of pace when things may become too serious. Anthony is insightful and utilizes his background as an educator to provide relative content for the audience, the way an instructor would.

About, About Kingdom Talk

Brittney Brown

Team Host Brittney is such a real and authentic individual. She can be shy at times, but when she speaks you better believe it's with thought and laced with plenty of humor. Her perspective relates to the audience and her peers in a way that has never been seen before.